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The Language of Accomplishment

by Karine Tovmassian December 2017 The first panic sets in right about in March, when we realize January is long

Choosing a Word for the Year? Use Your Planner.

by Marybeth Whalen December 2017 This year will mark the eighth year I have chosen a word for the year.

An Ode to My Diary: “Dark Teal, Accent 5, Lighter 80%” (2017 Edition)

by Jason Alterskye December 2017 Approximately this time last year I was sat in my ‘man cave’ (read: study) perusing

My Journey To Find Planner Peace

by Lena Coleman Turpin December 2017 I have been on a multi-decade journey to find that sweet spot… Planner Peace. 

Tash’s Study and Planner Series – Part Three

by Natasha Goode December 2017 (Editor’s Note: Click here to see Part One and Part Two) It’s time to wrap

The Secret Society of Planners

by Consultor Functionalis December 2017 Disclaimer: We’re waiting with bated breath to see how many of you can identify the

Organizing Your Gift List

by Cori Large December 2017 This is an expanded article about how I organize my gift list and do Christmas

What is it Really Like to be a Part of a Design Team?

By Sharon Gubby December 2017 Ever seen a Design Team Call post and wanted to apply but wondered what it’s

DIY Time Tracker

I am a PhD student; my life revolves around university and reading. I use this web as a time tracker.