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September 2017 Letter From the Editor

If Carie does a Happy Dance and the whole Frat House thinks Mom has lost her mind, does that make


by Marybeth Whalen September 2017 (Mad for planners, that is!) In a few weeks I will mark an anniversary that

Introducing: The Lightning Dex

by Samantha Page September 2017 A new method of planning: Introducing Lightning Dex Hi everyone! As most of my YouTube viewers will

Tash’s Study and Planner Series – Part Two

by Natasha Goode September 2017 (Editor’s Note: if you haven’t watched the first part of the series, it’s here.) Let’s

The Mid-Year Planner Assessment

by Finders Keepers September 2017 (Editor’s Note: I realize it isn’t mid-year according to the calendar, but I highly recommend

Why I Had to Ditch Pretty Planning

by Brooklynne Michelle September 2017 It was Sunday evening and it was time to do my planning for the week,

DIY FrankenFlex

by Cori Large September 2017 I came across this product purely by chance. I couldn’t tell you how I found

Switching Planners

by Minerva Ravenwing September 2017 I have always been a list person, as is my daughter and oldest granddaughter. If

One Book All Year – Part Two

by Jason Alterskye September 2017 Hello, planners and journalers! I trust you all got through One Book July relatively unscathed?

September Theme Collection – Tabs!!

If you know me at all, you know I have an inherent weakness for tabs. Any shape, color, size… I’d