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April 2017 Letter From The Editor

Perhaps it’s already arrived where you are, but Spring is just beginning here where I live. The trees are beginning

An Abecedary of Plannering

By Finders Keepers April 2017 Hello, Finderskeepians! Sarah here. When my kids were little, they loved alphabet books. And, over

Confessions of a Planner Dude

by Steven Moreno April 2017 I’m fairly new to the planning community.  I’ve actively been keeping a planner for about

Planner vs. Journal

by Sylvia G. Vega April 2017 This is a Planner, NOT a Journal . . . But Wait . .

Yes, I’m Talking To You!

by Carie Harling April 2017 There have been ideas swirling around in my brain again. I know, this probably isn’t

Five Common Excuses for Not Planning

by Antonisha Plans April 2017 On my quest to convert everyone online and in real life to paper planners, I

Buying a Custom Planner

by Zsuzsa Kiss at Plancademy April 2017 A Filofax or almost any ring bound planner is expensive enough, why would

How to Get Started Planning (+ free Planning your Plan Guide)

by Christina Davis April 2017 Have you made the decision to plan, but don’t know how to get started? First,

April’s Theme Collection: Charms!

by Our Readers April 2017 For this issue, I asked readers to send in pictures of their planner charms to