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Planning to What End?

by Andrea Ann Summer 2018 I assume that you enjoy planning and all things planners if you are reading this

Digital Versus Analog: The Struggle is Real

by Amy Graham Summer 2018 I was born before the internet, before computers, before the iPhone. When I needed to

How To Take Over the World

by Karine Tovmassian Summer 2018 There comes a point where we sort of glance around and notice no one is

Ten Planning Myths Debunked

by Ray Blake Summer 2018 If you spend long in the online planner community you’ll be exposed to lots of

Tracking Your Weight Loss Journey in Your TN

by Shelby Hill Summer 2018 A traveler’s notebook was first used by travelers (I bet you didn’t know that, huh?!)

Realistic Planning

by Cori Large Summer 2018 Hello, again, fellow planner addicts! I’ve been doing some soul searching and reflecting on my

Journal and Post Cards – Free Printable

by Deanna Bonn Summer 2018 This post first appeared on The Organized Miss website. Every month, I like to sit

My Planning Story: One Planner, One Size

by Katherine Shu Summer 2018 This article first appeared on Kat’s Life in Cali I am a personal size ring

Managing Multiple Medicines with a Flip Chart

by Good Girl Gordie Summer 2018 I assisted an overwhelmed family member who has to take more than 20 medications