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My Little Planner

by Karen Tarango February 2018 Little planner, little planner, full of paper and what nots my favorite pens and sticky

How to Have Nothing To Do

by Karine Tovmassian February 2018 Developed, Curated and Manifested Into Readable Form by The Paper Planning Magazine’s Own Alchemist, Karine

Thinking Through Your Planning Process

by Dawn Paoletta February 2018 Thinking Through Your Planning Process A few years back I had someone ask me to

Bilateral Planning

by Deanna Bonn February 2018 This article originally appeared on The Organized Miss website. The brain. We all have one

Using a Pocket Notebook

by Ray Blake February 2018 For all the many wonderful things they teach you at school, personal productivity is not

Tasks and the Power of Habit

by Kendra Bork February 2018 It’s February. Do you know where your resolutions are? If you’re like most people, they

My Planner – Wellness Tool Supreme

by Karen Clarke February 2018 This article originally appeared at Pink Hi-Top Adventures.   I first encountered personal planners back

January 2018 Planner Setup and Contents

by Christina Davis February 2018 Generally, I know the processes for how I do my planning without much thought to

Shop Spotlight: CBC Products

by Cori Large February 2018 Who: Cori Large, owner and content creator. What: Downloadable Planner inserts, Knitting Notions, Hand-Tatted Stitch