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Letter From the Editor

Ah, summer. The kids are out of school, the sky is the bluest blue, and everything is full of color.

In Praise Of Slow Living: The Modern Human’s Guide To Navigating Life With A Planner

By Karine Tovmassian June 2017 Our to-do lists mock us. Persistently. We kneel before the leather and ring-bound gods hoping

One Book July v3.0… and a History

by Rhomany, MissVickyBee, and Carie Harling June 2017 Rhomany: It was May 2014 and myself, MissVickyBee, and Carie Harling were

From Bedlam to Bliss: Getting Your Stickers Out of the Cache and Onto the Calendar

by Finders Keepers June 2017 If you love stickers, you are not alone. We do, too. And, sometimes, do you

Tash’s Study and Planner Setup Series – Part One

by Natasha Goode June 2017 Planner People, I have a treasure trove of videos for you… so many, in fact,

My Dori and Me

by Kori Emerson June 2017 On October 6th 2013 I felt HORRID. I was very very ILL. I was in

Overcoming the Top Two Fears of Every Journal Keeper (and Writer)

by Dawn Paoletta June 2017 The page and you have something in common. You both start naked. The stark blank

One Book… All Year?!

by Jason Alterskye June 2017 Hello fellow Planners! I contacted Carie in late May to ask her if I could

Traveler’s Notebook Insert for Crafting Projects

by Cori Large June 2017 Where are my crafters? My knitters? My crocheters? Weavers, spinners, cross stitchers, sewers, quilters, scrap

Using Greeting Cards for TN Dashboards

by Andrea Koochin June 2017 It almost sounds interesting, doesn’t it – nice shiny surface, good quality card stock, if

June Theme Collection: Dashboards & Dividers

I love dashboards and dividers. They can be pretty. They can be bold. They keep things organized and give you