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Why My Journal is Like Batman

by Laura Hutchinson December 2018 Your journal. It’s your safe space. Your sanity-maker. Your idea keeper. Your soul-searcher. But is

Bullet Journal Layouts for Students

by Finders Keepers December 2018 This article first appeared on the Finders Keepers site. Bullet Journaling is really perfect for

The Art of Communications

by Steve Morton December 2018 The art of communication is a funny thing. I’ve worked or been involved in communications

Minimalism + Planning: Taking Account Of Where You Are Spending Your Time, Money And Best Days Of Your Life

by Karine Tovmassian December 2018 Our world surrounds us with advertisements, convincing us how to consume all that there is

What is the Plan for 2019?

by Katherine Shu December 2018  This article first appeared on Kat’s Life in Cali. Hello All, The last few months

Grandma Talks Planners

by Shelby Hill December 2018 Put on your boots, because I am inviting you on a slippery slope! I used

Planning is Personal, People!

by Cori Large December 2018 Carie Harling said it best: if you have a system in place that works, it

Uses For Your Planner Collection

by Christine McPhee December 2018 Do you somehow have a collection of planners that just appeared on your shelf and

What I Learned From My Failed 2018 Goals – And How I Can Improve For 2019

by Amy Graham by December 2018 The idea of setting 2019 goals is something that is probably on many a

Life is an Experiment – Free Printable!

by Deanna Bonn December 2018 This article first appeared on The Organized Miss website. In keeping with my goal of

Keep A Record – Even When It Is Hard

by Gina Harrison December 2018 The past couple of years have been busy and difficult. I have completed a baccalaureate

Melding Paper with Digital Planning Worlds

by Rev. Joy-Ellen Lipsky December 2018 As a project and product manager, I have done time management and organization for

My Long Road to Planner Peace

by Maria McKneely December 2018 In 1996, during a flight from Las Vegas to Omaha, a man across the aisle