An Abecedary of Plannering

By Finders Keepers

April 2017

Hello, Finderskeepians! Sarah here. When my kids were little, they loved alphabet books. And, over time, I began to amass quite a collection of these great books. There is something so satisfying about arranging a single idea around the alphabet. It brings order to our chaotic world, don’t you think?

Here at Finders Keepers, we just love planners and so, this week, we have brought together planner love and alphabet infatuation in this Abecedary of Plannerness.

And, to add to the fun, we have included a link party. For each letter, we provide a link to some useful product or information or technique or freebie to help you along in your plannering journey. Enjoy!




Annual Appointments and Renewals

Adhesive (We LOVE Tombow’s Repositionable Adhesive for making our own sticky notes!)

Bullet Journal


Books to Read


Bucket Lists

Blogs (Check out Bloglovin’ for a quick and easy way to keep up with your favorite blogs.)


Christmas Lists

Cleaning Schedule



Chocolate (just because…)

Clips (Heidi Swapp‘s clips are always really pretty and fully functional.)

Daily Tasks




Doctor Visits

Dashboard (..aaannndd…not to brag, but check out our dashboards here)



Embellishments (Tombow has some great ideas here.)



Fonts (We recently have become hooked on Teela Cunningham’s Every Tuesday. Here is one of her fabulous freebies on hand lettering.)



Grocery Lists

Glitter (We think you’ll love this glitter washi.)


House Maintenance


Home Organization (Check out one of our favorite home org gurus: A Bowl Full of Lemons.)


Important Dates

Inspiration (Here is some visual inspiration for all you bullet journalers out there.)

Job Contacts

Journal Cards (We go through these simple, grid cards like candy!)

Knitting (That’s it. There aren’t a whole lot of “k” planner words, so we are throwing a bone to the knitters out there, with this collection of freebie knitting printables from Kathryn Ivy.)


Life as Art

Lettering (Here is a class on hand lettering, taught by our favorite caligrapher, Teela Cunningham!)

Movies to See

Meal Planning

Music to Listen to

Memory Planner

Numbers (Again, this is what we came up with. But check out these cool number stamps by Waffle Flower.

Online Shopping List

Organization (Here‘s some information on how we set up our planners for the new year.)

Pencils and Pens



Products to Try

Password Tracker (Our go-to Password vault is 1 Password.


Quotes (Need some inspiration? Here you go!)

Races to Run (or to watch, while sitting and having a snack)


Reading Log

Recipes (Don’t you just love when two of your interests collide, as in this Recipe Planner?!)

Special Dates

Shopping Lists

Sticker Storage (That’s TWO “s” words! And here’s what Pinterest has to say about that!)

Travel Information

Things to Make

Teacher Pens (That’s what we call them, but they are the Paper Mate Flair Colored Pens and WE LOVE THEM!)

Update Every Week


Usernames (Here is a free printable for tracking your usernames.)

Victory Lap. Go ahead. Take one. You deserve it.

Wish Lists


Washi (Here is some of our favorite washi.)

Extra Washi Storage (You know you need it. Check it out here.)

Yearly Expenses

Yearly Goals

Yearly Overview (We have a freebie whole-year calendar for you.)


Zig (We love Zig pens, especially the Wink of Stella, which creates this almost magical glittery effect on the page. We have some pictures of the effect here, toward the end of the post.)

Affectionately, Because Cuteness Definitely Earns Friends,

Before we were Finders Keepers, each of us walked a lonely, solitary crafting life. We each got pleasure from crafting in all kinds of mediums, but we worked alone, behind closed doors, neither of us knowing the other existed. When we met, it was at a school function. Rachel was a parent of a 2nd grader and Sarah was her child’s teacher. And–get this–the school had no art program. When Sarah decided to start one, she looked around for parents who might help (or “suckers,” as they’re called in the ed. biz….) and hit upon Rachel and we’ve been peas and carrots ever since.

Together we have over 50 years of crafting experience and expertise. In addition to the art program we started together, we have worked at craft fairs, been co-dependent, independent, Stampin’ Up! demonstrators, and launched Finders Keepers, an online papercrafting and memory keeping source for inspiration and our handmade, custom designed memory keeping kits.

Over the years we have heard from so many people who would like to become crafty sorts, but feel they can’t for whatever reason.

“I don’t have time.”

“I don’t have a craft room”

“I’m not creative”

“It’s too expensive.”

We started Finders Keepers to help these people. We believe everyone has creativity inside of them (although it may have been squished or lying dormant for some time). We believe that getting pictures off of our phones and into albums is an act of love. We believe that individuality and self expression are important–even vital–aspects of day to day living.

We want to help you find the time and make space in your world to celebrate your creative self (all in a very affordable way).

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