An Ode to My Diary: “Dark Teal, Accent 5, Lighter 80%” (2017 Edition)

by Jason Alterskye

December 2017

Approximately this time last year I was sat in my ‘man cave’ (read: study) perusing the website of my favourite, reasonably-priced, ever-dependable, online British stationers, trying to find a diary that (a) inspired me and (b) met all or at least most of my criteria to serve as my functional, paper-denominated metaphorical right hand for the upcoming 2017 calendar year.

Another of the collective ‘siblings’ of “Dark Teal, Accent 5, Lighter 80%” had already caught my eye as I scrolled down but I initially ignored them collectively as “pretty but not really a man’s diary.”

Fifteen minutes in and I was getting annoyed – I’d found one or two prospective candidates but nothing really “got me” as the best diaries/ planners do.

I’m one of those who greatly values function over form – my endless shopping on Amazon will attest to that… I’m probably the reason that nice Mr Bezos’ personal wealth has now exceeded $1bn but that’s a story for another day…..

So I had a conundrum, one or two items were suitable but nothing really stood out, nothing leapt out of the screen and screamed….. “BUY ME, BUY ME, NOW DAMMIT!”

So …again…. I scroll down……and back up to the top…..reset the filters….again….scroll down….page 2….page3….then suddenly out of the blue ….”HOTDOG!!! That’s it, that’s the one!”

There she was, my must have diary for 2017!

“Dark Teal, Accent 5, Lighter 80%” – price £ xxxx, 24 hour delivery

As I say I had seen other colour versions of this diary, bright, happy, gay (I use the word in its original connotation) colours, all seemed to be great…but for someone else.

Then I thought “Why can’t I have a bright coloured diary?”

Looking at her she had all the attributes that I required… well almost all. She wasn’t a dark colour and certainly wasn’t leather bound (normally a ‘no no’ for me), plus she didn’t have a pen loop or double placeholder ribbons.

But, apart from that, she was beautiful, soft, and warm, with a hint of stiffness in the ivory coloured paper — and so much paper! I’m one of those A5, page to a day people, so she was nice and chunky. The texture of the covers was warm and inviting, very bright as I’ve already alluded to, and distinct.

Whilst she didn’t tick all the boxes she was almost perfect in terms of what she did have.

As I have previously listed her ‘vitals’ in the summer edition of this online journal I won’t bore my other reader(1) with the details of what was between the covers, save to say she went on to serve me with great distinction throughout 2017.

I have subsequently purchased a totally different styled 2018 diary, one which I am extremely excited about using once January 1st rolls around. However, when I sat down on the weekend to start planning the article regarding ‘Black Beauties’ attributes, it felt wrong not to eulogise my 2017 diary first.

So once more, thank you “Dark Teal, Accent 5, Lighter 80%,” you were amazing, brilliant and everyone loved your bright, cheery design……..


(1) Not a typo – my lame attempt at self-deprecation

Jason Alterskye is a tax accountant working for one of the Big 4 accounting firms who is an avid reader of Planner related material in that constant, never ending quest to become ever more efficient and organised. He lives and works in the United Kingdom after having spent the first part of his life in South Africa.

His twitter handle is @jasonalterskye and he currently has 44 followers – probably his mother and 43 of her friends. You can also find Jason on LinkedIn.

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