Bullet Journal Layouts for Students

by Finders Keepers

December 2018

This article first appeared on the Finders Keepers site.

Bullet Journaling is really perfect for a lot of students: it’s intuitive, it’s fast and it works for all kinds of thinkers and planners (because it can be anything you want it to be!) And, speaking of Bullet Journaling, we want to support the students among us who may need some help getting started with their school journal or agenda.

In that light, we have just posted a whole playlist of Bullet Journaling for students on our YouTube Channel. We hope you can pop on over to check them out (and, if you just can’t right now, and you’re on Pinterest, we have made a “pin it for later” option, just for you). All of our videos feature our Jots&Dots dot grid notebook, which is perfect for journaling, list making, doodling, sketching and, of course, bullet journaling. The dot grid makes planning layouts a breeze and our instructional videos even show you exact placement of elements on the page.


Some More Inspiration!


Tips and Tricks

  • Use the dot grid on our Jots&Dots notebook to help you with your layout.
  • Keep your lettering simple–choose one printing font and one cursive font, for example.
  • If you want to achieve that calligraphy look, widen the downward strokes of your letters.
  • Start simply–with one or two different layouts and see what you use and what you need, over time.

Before we were Finders Keepers, each of us walked a lonely, solitary crafting life. We each got pleasure from crafting in all kinds of mediums, but we worked alone, behind closed doors, neither of us knowing the other existed. When we met, it was at a school function. Rachel was a parent of a 2nd grader and Sarah was her child’s teacher. And–get this–the school had no art program. When Sarah decided to start one, she looked around for parents who might help (or “suckers,” as they’re called in the ed. biz….) and hit upon Rachel and we’ve been peas and carrots ever since.

Together we have over 50 years of crafting experience and expertise. In addition to the art program we started together, we have worked at craft fairs, been co-dependent, independent, Stampin’ Up! demonstrators, and launched Finders Keepers, an online papercrafting and memory keeping source for inspiration and our handmade, custom designed memory keeping kits.

Over the years we have heard from so many people who would like to become crafty sorts, but feel they can’t for whatever reason.

“I don’t have time.”

“I don’t have a craft room”

“I’m not creative”

“It’s too expensive.”

We started Finders Keepers to help these people. We believe everyone has creativity inside of them (although it may have been squished or lying dormant for some time). We believe that getting pictures off of our phones and into albums is an act of love. We believe that individuality and self expression are important–even vital–aspects of day to day living.

We want to help you find the time and make space in your world to celebrate your creative self (all in a very affordable way).

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