Introducing: The Lightning Dex

by Samantha Page

September 2017

A new method of planning: Introducing Lightning Dex

Hi everyone! As most of my YouTube viewers will know, I love simple and functional planning. For the longest time I was happy with my planner system but, I made a planner goal, in December 2016, to use time frame planning system. I wanted to become more efficient with my planning and map out my day so that I can follow it through easily. Time frame. Sounds simple? Yes ,yes it is. However, visually it was not.

I sketched out a format I wanted to try out. Nothing difficult. Just a linear time frame drawn on my page. Once I started allocating task in that time frame, I observed a flaw. My brain was not liking how the information was laid out! They all looked the same and cluttered. It was not visually pleasing. The only way I could make the information stand out is by using colour coding system, but I did not want to rely on carrying several colour pens all the time. Now I sat there, on the 9th of March 2017, thinking how can I make it visually pleasing without making it complicated? Mind you, it was almost midnight and  at this point I was very sleepy and was ready to go to bed. But then the eureka moment sparked! I thought ‘why not break the 6 hours and segment it into one section’? So that is exactly what I did and it started to take a form: The Lightning Dex. Here is a picture that shows my very initial sketch of Lightning Dex right next a classic linear time frame.

Figure 1 Comparison between linear time frame (left) and Lightning Dex (right)


I have introduced my concept on my YouTube channel and received a very positive response.

I have also made a Plan With Me video where I show you how to use the Lightning Dex step by step.

To read Why do I use Lightning Dex for planning, click on this link which will take you directly to my article:

Hello everyone! I am Samantha Page and I have a Youtube channel (MsSamanthaX), where I mostly show planner hacks and planning ideas.

At my YouTube channel, I love to share my thought process and allow you guys to step into my shoes. Then I provide my YouTube friends with possible solutions and ask them for recommendations. I am crazy for simple and functional planning. I am useless with stickers and somehow, I manage to make my layout look like a crime scene! I love to communicate with my fellow planner addicts. It is best community in the world, isn’t it? Also, I know no one will judge me if I sniff leather or paper!

I want to invite you to check out my social medias and connect with me. Feel free to visit my blog (link below) where I share several free printable inserts for my readers. I can also be found on YouTube and Instagram.

I cannot wait to connect with you! Toodles!


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