January 2018 Planner Setup and Contents

by Christina Davis

February 2018

Generally, I know the processes for how I do my planning without much thought to my actual system as a whole, including my planner setup.  I spend time reflecting on my day and my week to note what worked and what didn’t.  I also spend the time to list out ways that I can improve for tomorrow.  This process allows me to be continuously moving forward.  For my reflection time to be beneficial, it’s important to know how I (personally) process information so that my planner will be the best it can be (for me).

A crucial component is a consistency regarding the content of your planner.  Writing the same type of information in the same place is necessary to build your whole planning system.

Today I am sharing my January 2018 Planner Setup and Contents.  The planner setup portion walks you through each page of my planner from the front cover to the back.  The contents portion discusses the information that I include on my monthly, weekly, and daily pages, as well as my page setup.

I am truly passionate about planning and planners.  Maybe you’re new to planning and you’re not seeing the many benefits of planning yet.  The experience, knowledge, evidence, and emotional connection will come with persistence and consistency.  One of the main ideas that I teach in Start With Today (a new article at the Time For Planning Insight Academy and soon to be course) is your first priority is to start planning, as opposed to focusing on your planner setup.  Obviously, you need a few components to begin, but the remaining setup will develop quickly because you using the planner to plan.

To read the full post, which contains the entire breakdown of this fantastic planner setup and links to everything used to create this setup, visit Time for Planning.

I have used various types of planners, inserts, and supplies over the past 26 years. I am also fascinated with personal development; specifically time management. Managing responsibilities and happiness (or contentment) are equally important. So naturally, I want to help you discover how to do the same! Contact Me and let me know how I can help you!

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