June Theme Collection: Dashboards & Dividers

I love dashboards and dividers. They can be pretty. They can be bold. They keep things organized and give you a place to put loads of sticky notes.

From Antonisha (who you can find at her website, on her YouTube channel, and on Instagram and Facebook):

Her six-year-old son’s awesome dashboards from Shelbie Lee Co on Etsy:

And Antonisha’s dashboards, also from Shelbie Lee Co on Etsy:

From the wonderful Martha, who I’m sure you all know as MarthaPlans on Instagram and from her Etsy shop:

From Cori Large… B6 TN Dashboards from Jane Lao (who does orders through Facebook):

From Heidi Samples (who can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest)…

From Gaetana Parris, who can be found on Instagram:

Marilyn Dapses (on Instagram) sent photos of these beautiful dividers; here’s their story:

On a trip to Chiapas, Mexico, my husband and I were moved by the exquisite beauty of the needlework of this particular group of Maya.  To continue to celebrate their work and enjoy it each day, I made dividers for my Filofax. 

The first photo is a closeup of Mayan gliphs which is the backside of each divider.  Four of the photos are close ups of Mayan embroidery.  One is a photo of Mayan children in their everyday traditional dress in a mountain village.  

The last is a photo of Mayan women from a different village working their needles and thread.  This was not a tourist market. 

Greta Faust (on Instagram) made these dashboards with the Looking Back and By The Sea kits from DigitalDesignsbyJodi on Etsy:

From Andrea Koochin, greeting cards turned into dashboards (she wrote an article about it in this issue, which includes a free greeting card so you can try it yourself!)

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