My Dori and Me

by Kori Emerson

June 2017

On October 6th 2013 I felt HORRID. I was very very ILL. I was in pain. I was dizzy and I could not walk down the stairs. I told my husband to call 911. At the emergency room, if a tube could be put somewhere, it was. I had blood drawn, IV placed and other fun things. When I was told that I was going to be flown to the University of Utah hospital to be admitted into their ICU I knew I was in a bad way. I remember very little of the next 5 days. I was in a medically induced coma for 3 days and a traditional coma for 2 more days. When I did wake I was told I had been very sick. I had fallen ill with Septic Shock.

For the next few months my home was the ICU, a regular floor and a rehab center from which I returned on Christmas Eve (BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!!) . The next year I spent my life in the front room in a hospital bed. My toes had developed dry gangrene (not the yucky stinky stuff you think of). We waited that year to see what would happen and if they would heal. I’m happy to say half of the piggies stayed home… the OTHER half…well … I can’t really think of a market in which they would be sold so… I just had them lopped off instead.

From that point I started getting my life back . SLOWLY, SOOO SLOWLY, but I was starting to get it back. I was starting to not have to take meds as much, meaning that I was awake more, and I was starting to have energy and the desire to get back into life.

I was still having regular doctors appointments with my GP and several others that were checking on my kidneys and my toes and all of that fun stuff. My home had been kind of left to its own devices I guess you could say . It wasn’t filthy (no need to call child services). Just things like kids clothes that had been outgrown that needed going through, toys that had been outgrown… dusting that needed to happen… stuff like that. I had been in a fog of seriously strong meds for nearly the last two years and now I was quickly getting panic attacks from the amount of just Stuff That Needed Doing.

Panic is a tricky tricky little snot. She will jump up for a quick second and make you jump a bit. OR she will be the kid that won’t go to bed at a slumber party. It just keeps going and going and going. I had never really had panic when I was a kid. Even growing up, I had always been really good at saying, “OK, this is what I need to do” and DUM DAH DAUM… I had a note pad(or 12) for a to do list. And I was able to get my stuff together to get things done. But after sepsis, after being in the ICU and developing PTSD (it’s actually very common in people that have done time in the ICU), this thing called overwhelm and panic decided to set up camp. I could no longer just plop down with a good old Dr.Pepper, a pen, and a note pad and just make a list. A full year of nothing being done… I needed more than a note pad .. I needed A PLANNER!!!

I have been a planner girl since about 1991. If you have been paying attention (squirrel!), you probably figured out that I live in Utah. Utah is the home of all things us planner girls tend to drool over: American Crafts is here, Heidi Swapp is based here, Silouhette is here. Project Life founder Becky Higgins is from here. Carpe Diem is based here and we are also the home of the Franklin Planner.

I had been a Franklin girl for ages. I loved the paper I loved the different binders . I loved that there was room for the todo list and to have space for doodling, journaling .. whatever. I had a franklin and was getting ready to purchase new guts when I got sick. I was getting ready to get more inserts post sepsis and I just thought, “hey .. if it aint broken…”

One day .. I was watching a video by the grave yard girl on youtube about it was Wreck This Journal . I thought OHHH my kids would LOVE THAT. I saw on the suggested videos Cori Spieker’s Midori video. So.. I clicked on it .. AND IT WAS THEN .. I FOUND MY TRUE CALLING.. THAT OF A TRUE PLANNER GIRL!!!

Kori Emerson is a stay-at-home Mom to two kids, Klara (11) and Harald (12), who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the Admin for the Utah Planner Pretties planner group on Facebook, and is, of course, a long-time planner enthusiast.       

One thought on “My Dori and Me

  • January 14, 2018 at 7:35 AM

    I am so sorry to read of your sepsis story. I too am just back from a double op as an emergency admission, first op failed, and feel so overwhelmed and grotty…. mild painkillers don’t touch the sides. Your story made me feel that hey, this overwhelm is actually normal and a feeling of mild PTSD in that my body feels the pain invasion of surgery. Thank you for helping me so much on my journey to welldom. I no longer feel quite so alone!!! xx


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