My Planning Story: One Planner, One Size

by Katherine Shu

Summer 2018

This article first appeared on Kat’s Life in Cali

I am a personal size ring planner person.  This statement does not come easy.  Ever since I stumbled into the planner community, it has been a journey to find the RIGHT planner and RIGHT Size for me.  I have tried almost every size possible from pocket, A6, B6, personal, A5, and more….of course also add in the mix of ring planner or bound book style planner.

Planner community is so big and full of resources on Facebook and Youtube.  On one hand I enjoyed it but on the other hand I was overwhelmed.  There were one point I gave up on using planners completely as I was overly frustrated on different sizes and different planning styles I was experimenting.   There were tons of late nights spending on watching different Youtube videos on how others use and set up their planners in different sizes.

I still remember it was March 2017 when I was chatting with one girl at the SF Plannercon.  She told me her magic of staying in one size planner is to only have one size planner.  This is how I finally settle down on what to use and my planning style.  I sold all my planners other than personal and use only personal size planners since March 2017.  During this period of time,  I found out a couple of things about myself when it comes to planning and planners.

  1. I am a functional planning person and keep things simple and clean.
  2. I like to have everything in one place, one planner.
  3. I am not a planner/wallet combo person ( or at least I haven’t found one works for me yet).
  4. I enjoy using ring planners for planning and bounded books (traveler’s notebook) for drawing and documenting life.

I am happy with what I am using now and it works for me well.  Here is my Youtube on my current set up.

One Book July is coming up, and I always try something different.  This year I am going to go back in traveler’s notebook and see how it turn out for me.

What is your go to planner size ?

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2 thoughts on “My Planning Story: One Planner, One Size

  • August 9, 2018 at 12:40 PM

    Good article, fully agree with your points! 🙂

  • September 9, 2018 at 2:16 PM

    Yes!!!! I believe the reason I can’t commit to a planner size because I have too many of them. I finally decided on my classic Franklin Covey size for 2019 and purchased my inserts. Once they got here, I started seeing super cute and functional compact and personal size planners and now I want to be in one of those. Never mind that in addition to my FC Classic, I will also be using a Planner Pad for 2019. I consistently have switched between the two of them this year, so I am going to try using BOTH together and see if that solves my issues. Great content! 🙂


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