One Book July 2019?!?!

by Carie Harling

June 2019

July is coming.

Where I live, July means water balloons, running through the sprinkler, time at the beach, meals out on the deck…

And for six years now, July has also meant one more thing: One Book July!

One Book July has evolved from a “One Book, One Pen, for One Month” challenge to a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type of challenge. Digital Planning, finishing that one big, hovering project, trying something new like art journaling… we’ve added a lot over the years.

This year, we want to hear your suggestions for the challenge. What planning challenge or issue would you like to tackle with tons of help and support? There will be a post on the One Book July Facebook Page where you can post your suggestions.

We’d like to host a live Q&A this year! We’re going to put up a post on the One Book July Facebook Page where you can post any questions so we have them in advance. That post will also contain all of the details regarding when and how we’ll host the Q&A.

If you’d like to see One Book July videos from years past, there are a whole whack of them at One Book July on YouTube.

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