Planner Anxiety

by Grace Bye

February 2017

I have heard it said it is paper and ink that are to stress about. Well, some of us find making a new decision that may affect the sweet flow of our lives, our families and/or our work schedule brings anxiety and stress.

Over the past few months I have had anxiety about two main things. Firstly, my monthly insert. It has been making my traveler’s notebook fat and it didn’t feel comfortable having it in there, BUT it is my future planning. It tells me what is happening and if one of the family asks what is happening on this date I can answer.  The second issue is that I wanted to try an Omni Journal system for a while but I purchased inserts and I like to use what I have and what we have used money on.   

So what do you do if you have anxiety about things to do with your planner? Do them anyway!

I have found that the more I worry about it the less I enjoy my planner, so with my monthly I took my monthly insert out and leave it beside my chair and just have a one month set up like in a  bullet journal.  Then with my inserts I took them out and popped them in another traveler’s notebook and I will keep them updated in the evening so if the Omni Journal system doesn’t work I can change back.

Yes it is only paper and ink but we need to be ok with it so we enjoy them.  Remember it is your planner and don’t ever let someone else make you think it is wrong.

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