Realistic Planning

by Cori Large

Summer 2018

Hello, again, fellow planner addicts!

I’ve been doing some soul searching and reflecting on my planning style. For the most part, what I do works. During the work week, my system and layout are exactly what they should be. However, on the weekends, I was finding myself over-scheduling myself and, as a result, beating myself up over tasks that just didn’t get done for whatever reason.

I was stressing about not getting the important things done, and obsessing over unimportant things. My husband pointed out that I needed to figure out how to prioritize, since I was looking at EVERYTHING on the same priority level. I had a hard time processing that. I’d been using a planner everyday for  years. I knew what I was doing! Or did I? I took a break from my EDC (everyday carry) Monster Flex for a few days, so I could really think about what he’d said and how I could make adjustments.

Now, I’m not saying I’m using a whole new planner layout or anything. I thought about how I needed to revamp and reorganize my weekends so come Sunday night, I wasn’t rushing around trying to get a dozen things done.

Some of you may have heard of the Eisenhower Matrix, aka the Priority Matrix. I’m not doing that. I’m a list person, so four boxes wouldn’t work for me. Also, I know myself, I would try to fit as many things as I could into each box.

Instead I’m focusing on (a) Time Sensitive/Scheduled items; (b) Must/Have To’s; (c) Want to Do’s; and (d) May Get To’s. I work better in a list format than a grid format. Some of you may be thinking, duh, Cori, we do this already. And that’s great! But I don’t.

As far as I was concerned there was absolutely no reason why I couldn’t get the 20 items on my weekend to do list done. And some weekends I was quite successful at completing most if not all of them.


Instead of making one long list with scheduled items at the top, I’ve added the three other sections. Depending on the number of scheduled items and social obligations I have, the number of items in each category will vary. I will be trying to stick to 3-5 items in each category.

My first weekend was a learning experience. We had 6 scheduled/time-sensitive items, on top of 5 ½ Want to Do’s, 3 May Get To’s, and 3 House items.



If we have a particularly full weekend, I’ll hope to keep up with laundry, blog and YouTube, and some self-care. Everything else can wait.


My headings changed in the following weeks. I essentially listed things by category and priority. Having the scheduled items front and center made them easier to find. Deciding on my Must Do’s wasn’t easy. I have so many items I want to get done, both around the house and in regards to my various side hustles. There are more pictures at the end of the article.

Prioritizing has never come naturally to me. I’ve always rushed around, feeling like I can’t keep up. Using this new-to-me prioritizations system, I’ve been making progress on the various projects on my Master To Do List as well as side hustle items. It’s a work in progress and a learning experience. Remembering to give myself grace when unexpected things happen and I can only get to the Must Do’s/Have To’s will be a challenge.

More examples:


Cori Large is a blogger, YouTuber, writer, knitter, and librarian. Writing is her passion, and she hopes to one day publish a book, thus achieving a childhood dream. When not writing blog posts, filming YouTube videos, writing fiction, or knitting, she is taming research dragons as a librarian. She can be reached at her blog, YouTube Channel, Knitting Podcast, and Facebook Page.

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