Sew Goodbye to Eyelets

by Good Girl Gordie

April 2018


This is written with gratitude to the planner community for inspiration.

Sew goodbye to eyelets in your planners. They are difficult and unnecessary.

I sew my own traveler notebooks and wanted something lightweight, flexible and

washable for the interior structure. I have found plastic needlepoint mesh to be the

perfect solution. A sheet is less then one dollar purchased at a craft store and is

sized 13.5” x 10.5”. It keeps a firm shape wrapped around inserts and will open flat.

You can use it for bands by cutting two small squares out and stitching them to the

interior then just push your elastic through the holes and tie it off. This method will

also work to adapt a wallet or a passport holder to string in a few bands. I have also

used the mesh on a ring binder with elastic to hold a pen or pencil it cuts easily

with scissors, more elastic can be sewn on to hold other tools.

When I make my notebook covers I cut the front and back panels and leave out the

spine panel because notebook inserts have enough structure one their own. This

also keeps the entire cover flatter and takes up less volume in my bag. However,

you can also use two layers of mesh to make a stronger spine panel if you wish. I

hope this low cost solution helps those who make their own covers because we all

want something specific to our individual needs.

Thank you all in the planning community for the hours of help and information you have generously given.

From Good Girl Gordie.




One thought on “Sew Goodbye to Eyelets

  • April 22, 2018 at 12:29 PM

    Carie, thank you for publishing this. I so enjoy your contributions in the planning community since we are all just aiming to put our minds at ease through organization.


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