Shop Spotlight: CBC Products

by Cori Large

February 2018

Who: Cori Large, owner and content creator.

What: Downloadable Planner inserts, Knitting Notions, Hand-Tatted Stitch Markers (see a sampling of products at the end of this article).


When: I started my shop in 2015 with the intent of selling my knitting washcloths and baby blankets. Over time, my product lines have changed as I’ve experimented with which items sell best where. Hand-knitted items are now sold at craft shows in the fall.

Why: I started my shop because I had ideas for planner inserts and knitting notions I thought other people might enjoy and find useful.

I’m really picky about my planner inserts. I need something customized to my needs, as well as cheaply priced. I designed most of my inserts to meet my personal planning needs at any given time. I hate waiting for items to be shipped to my house, so I made all my inserts into digital downloads to feed the instant gratification need some of us have. Also, listing my inserts as digital downloads means that you, the customer, can choose what weight of paper you want your inserts printed on. I see complaints all over the Facebook groups about paper quality. My planner inserts are available in trial sizes, so you don’t feel like you’re wasting paper to try out a layout. The Hand-Tatted Stitch Markers, my knitting notions, are lightweight and can brighten up your project. They are hand-tatted, using the needle-tatting method not shuttle tatting. I enjoyed making them. The Stitch Markers fit knitting needles US 10 (6mm) to US 11 (8mm).

How: The planner inserts are digital downloads. Once payment is made, the customer receives the PDF file and can print the file at home on whatever weight, color, and/or texture of paper they choose. The stitch markers will be shipped to the customer once payment is received. Tracking is included with these purchases.


B6 size flexible binders

Genealogical documents for Family History Research (digital download)

Planner Charms


Printable Planner Inserts:

Cori Large-Feb2018-1 Cori Large-Feb2018-2 Cori Large-Feb2018-3 Cori Large-Feb2018-4

Hand-Tatted Stitch Markers:

Cori Large-Feb2018-7 Cori Large-Feb2018-6 Cori Large-Feb2018-5



Cori Large is a blogger, YouTuber, writer, knitter, and librarian. Writing is her passion and she hopes to one day publish a book, thus achieving a childhood dream. When not writing blog posts, filming YouTube videos, writing fiction, or knitting, she is taming research dragons as a librarian. She can be reached at her blog, YouTube Channel, Knitting Podcast, and Facebook Page.

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