Shop Spotlight: The Original Planner Pops

by Tara Kamiya

April 2018

This article originally appeared on Planning Stationery and Desk

Shop: Peach Palmetto

Obsession: Planner Pops

Shop Owner: Crystal Renee

Sprinkles Planner Pop
Sprinkles Planner Pop

Tara: Crystal Renee is the current darling of the planner world. Original creator of Planner Pops; wife, mother and active duty Air Force, she does us proud. I cozied up to my laptop for a cyber chat with her about the cult following growing around her planner pops and how she really feels about “inspired” dupes.

Crystal: “LOL, I’d still consider Foxys to be the most coveted products right now but, I’m really humbled by the excitement surrounding The Peach Palmetto. I never expected these pops to be a “thing”.  It gets a bit overwhelming at times, but what I’m enjoying most are the new friendships I’m building by way of the product. We’ve got some really awesome people in the planner community!”

Crystal says she has been working with crystals off and on for about 2 years. One thing you notice right away is that they are undeniably well crafted. They are officially called “Planner Pops” for anyone taking notice and yes, that name is legally protected.

Not beating around the bush, I wanted to get right into how Crystal feels about “inspired” pieces. Her answer may surprise you. True to the vibe of her FB group, she offered a very level headed and gracious opinion. Is she bothered by the dupes?

Crystal: “Yes and no. Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? LOL! On the flip side, when I began The Peach Palmetto I knew that IF the product was picked up in the planner community there would be others that would attempt to make it as well. It’s kind of what we do in the planner world…the vast majority of us are crafters. I DO take issue with others attempting to use the name and the title of “pops”. Hence the reason I made sure to trademark and patent the name and catch phrase to protect the product.”

Tara: The Pop craze is so real! So what does it take to sell out of 120 Planner Pops in 2 minutes?

Crystal: “It’s not easy! I’m a wife and mother of 3 monsters. I’m also Active Duty Air Force. I’ll be retiring in May after 20 years and 23 days. The balance comes from staying realistic about my limits. The most pops I’ve kicked out in a month is just over 160. That was pushing it for me. I work off of a daily pop quota that allows me to spend time with my family and meet my shipping goals. And prayer….LOTS of prayer!”

Crystal is a planner girl after our own hearts! Sweet and just an all around class act. She has been planning since Jr. High School.

Crystal: “Our school gave out student academic planners! It was love at first paper sniff! LOL!
Shout out to Walt Whitman Jr. High in Alexandria, VA!”


Whoot whoot! A southern girl with a big city following. I look forward to seeing more of Crystal out and about in the planner world. You can visit her on all of her social media channels and stalk her shop as well. She’s given us a special discount code! Put it in your planner.

Customers new and old can use PEACHLIFE for 10% off of an order, no minimum!

You can find Peach Palmetto on Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram!


She has a special message for all of my readers:

“The Peach Palmetto team consists of myself, my husband and my daughter. From us to you, THANK YOU for your support, patience and ALL the laughs you guys give us on a daily basis! Ya’ll have filled our spirits tremendously!”

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