Simplifying the GTD Method In My Planner

By Brandy Michelle Plans

February 2017

I found the planner community while I was searching for ideas about how to create a functional planning system. Several people mentioned that their favorite book was Getting Things Done by David Allen. That is all it took for me to begin my research into what is now my go-to method for planning. After I read the book, I made a series of 5 videos about the Getting Things Done (GTD) method. In this series, I shared my initial thoughts on the GTD system and how I was trying to set it up in my planner. Since this initial series, my system has evolved into what I believe is a more efficient planning routine. (I also read the book a few more time since then.) So, I wanted to share some of my updated thoughts with you all in my new video, “Simplifying the GTD method in my planner.” I hope it inspires you to get things done!

Hi everyone,

I am a teacher, a mother of two, and a wife of a firefighter. All of these roles create some chaotic days, which is why my planner is priceless. My planner is responsible for remembering everything, since my memory seems to have left me right after having my first child.

Every day I am inspired by this network of creative and empowering individuals called the planner community. So, I try to give back to this community by sharing research, resources and my own trials. My hope is that it makes your life a little easier or even brings a bit of joy to your day. If any of this resonates with you, then please join me as I share ideas on YouTube and Instagram


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