Straight Out Of The Box

by Kim Oedekoven

September 2016

We all know you’ve been stalking the mailman knowing it’s out for delivery because you’ve tracked it for days. Then it’s magically here and you delicately open your precious package. Marveling, you turn each page, savoring it, knowing that it’s your very own.  And then you realize it’s all blank….

EVERY page is BLANK and YOU have to fill it in!

KimOedekoven 1

For a first time paper planner or someone who knows they need to get on a better path to organization it is extremely intimidating to know that there is so much space for you to enjoy.

 I’d like to peel back the layers to show you how paper planning doesn’t have to leave worse off than you were before.

Here are 3 insider tips on ways to use your planner straight out of the box without stressing out!

KimOedekoven 2

1. Keep it simple (go light on the goodies) 🙂

Decoration is not the primary reason to use stickers, stamps, washi, etc. Say WHAT?!?!

Start with one or two rolls of solid washi tape, functional stickers or simply shaped stamps.  Use those to highlight the appointments for the day.  It’s ultimate purpose is to draw your eye to that time and activity or show a continuous event. Those cute emoji stickers are cute but will they help you keep on track with your to do lists and appointments? 

KimOedekoven 3

2. Divide up the real estate

Do you have lots of appointments or time specific events? Or are you just a list maker and do-er?

Consider dividing each day into Am and Pm sections to keep your day straight.  That way each day you can at a quick glance see where your heavy activity lies.  You don’t always have to divide it up horizontally.  Think about putting all your task specific lists that need to be done all in one space.  If they don’t need to be done on one specific day you can make a running list for the week!

KimOedekoven 4

3. Use only a MONTH view

If you still feel like you can’t find a use or are frustrated with the weekly view, try just planning in the monthly layout.  There is plenty of space to write daily appointments or events in each day.  And if you still want to make a list of to-do’s, make a notes section which will still has ample space!

KimOedekoven 5

Your new planner isn’t there to scare you, in the end, it’s there to be your helping hand! Plan away, my friends!

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