The Art of Communications

by Steve Morton

December 2018

The art of communication is a funny thing. I’ve worked or been involved in communications for more years than I care to remember.

One thing I learnt a few years ago is that communication between two people can be broken down as follows: 50% is our body language, 40% the tone of our voice and only 10% the actual words we use. Now the percentages might vary a bit depending on who you are or which source you have read, but that as far as I can recall that is the break down of personal communications.

So, it is not surprising that when we have a voice call (telephone) we lose the sense of what people are saying. Think of a prank phone call. You can’t see the other person, so you can’t see the big smile on their face as they trick you.

Remove their voice and just have the words like on Facebook and you are down to 10% of our potential understanding of what someone is saying/meaning.  You can regain some of the meaning if you read the words in the voice of the other person in your head…. but that only works of course if you have spoken to that person before.

To try and help our understanding of just text we can use emoticons to show we are being funny or ironic, but that doesn’t always work does it….

If in doubt ask ‘Did you really mean that…..’

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