Traveler’s Notebook Insert for Crafting Projects

by Cori Large

June 2017

Where are my crafters? My knitters? My crocheters? Weavers, spinners, cross stitchers, sewers, quilters, scrap bookers, painters, and jewelry makers? My article may be yarn and knitting centered, but I promise you, you can take what I’ve written here and customize it to your hobby/craft.

I’ve written a blog post on this subject before, but the information in my insert has grown and I have more information to share with you.

There are crafting and knitting specific inserts available on Etsy, and they’re lovely. I would like to show you how to take any notebook (full journal, TN insert, section in a ringed planner) and make it into a bullet journal style book to keep track of your projects, materials, special gifts, custom orders, etc.

The insert I use is a OCS lined notebook, originally measuring 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches, that I cut down to fit a Narrow/Standard size traveler’s notebook. This particular notebook has 40 sheets or 80 pages.

In the style of Ryder Carol’s Bullet Journal, when you open up my insert, the first page is my Table of Contents (traditionally labeled the Index, but Indexes go in the back of the book).

My entries are as follows:

Temperature Afghan (pgs. 1-2)

Afghan to be Made (pgs. 3-4)

Bernat Baby Yarn Inventory (pg. 5-6)

Cotton Yarn Inventory (pgs. 7-8)

Baby Yarn Scrap List (pg. 9) & Yarn Weight & Needle Size Chart (pg. 10)

General Knitting Notes (pg. 11) & Setting Prices (pg. 12)

Knitting Priority List (pg. 13) & Other Yarn Inventory (pg. 14)

Checkerboard Headband Pattern (pgs. 15-16)

Pieces Afghan Sizes (pg. 17) & Teal & Copper Pieces Notes (pg. 18)

Pieces Tally (pg. 19) & Camouflage 10 Stitch Blanket Notes (pg. 20)

Custom Orders List (pg. 21) & Personal Projects List (pg. 22)

Misc. Cost Notes (pg. 23) & Mini Skein 10 Stitch Blanket Notes (pg. 24)

More Cotton Inventory (pgs. 25-26)

More Afghans to be Made (pgs. 27-28)

The most used pages in my insert are the Cotton Yarn Inventory pages. I knit with a lot of cotton. I love making dishcloths to sell at craft shows in the autumn.


Other Potential Entries for Your Crafting Notebook:

(Courtesy of Nicole Hughes from the Bullet Journal for Sewing, Crocheting, Knitting, Cross Stitch Facebook group)


  1. Needle/hook size list
  2. Yarn size and weight
  3. Yarn inventory
  4. Abbreviation list
  5. Temperature blanket list
  6. Wish list
  7. Project to make
  8. Blanket sizes
  9. Quotes you like
  10. Budget/spending list


  1. Quilt sizes
  2. Sewing feet list
  3. Needle size (machine or hand sewing)
  4. Sewing quotes
  5. Wish list
  6. Project to make
  7. Sewing doodles
  8. Abbreviation
  9. Sewing hacks and tips
  10. Measurement (make own clothes)
  11. Budget/spending list


  1. Needle size
  2. DMC/ Anchor list
  3. Abbreviations
  4. Project list to make
  5. Budget/spending list
  6. Aida list and brand
  7. Wish list


I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions, I can be found on social media and will gladly answer questions. Happy Crafting!

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