Uses For Your Planner Collection

by Christine McPhee

December 2018

Do you somehow have a collection of planners that just appeared on your shelf and have no idea how to use them?
Why don’t you repurpose them without a calendar?

You could make a planner to track your goals – a section for each goal, a mind sweep section and a subsection for each idea.  If the goal turns into a bigger project you can then move it to another planner with a divider for each part of the project.

You could also make a vision board to go within the goal planner and motivate you further.

Another idea is if you are reading a book, you could make each divider into a chapter from the book and make notes as you read the book. This works well for self-help books or if you are studying and need to make notes.

What about a Pet Planner? Each section could be titled – vet visits,  general information such as age, amount of food and anything that potential pet sitters could use. You could also track expenses relating to the animals, photos of them as they grow older and any other relevant information, such as vaccinations and notes of any illnesses they have.

People often use Christmas planners, what about a Birthday, Christening or any other special occasion planner? You could make each divider into a month leading up to the event and subdividers for each essential part of the plan – the menu, the location, presents, invites and any other essential vendors or parts of the plans.

Many people add meal planning into their every day planners, but you could make a whole recipe planner with meal planning and a food diary. You could print out recipes you want to try and also have a shopping list within the planner as well.

I find that many of the fellow planner addicts are also crafters of some description and if you are prone to making things and either giving them away or in some cases eating them, you could document each item you made with a picture of the item and also the measurements or the method for making them.

There are so many things you can do with planners and most of them don’t need a calendar or agenda.


Christine is a planner addict based in Melbourne, Australia. When not at her desk you can find her in bed, surrounded by planners, her dog, cat and piles of papers. She enjoys online gaming and watching YouTube. You can connect with her on Instagram.


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