Using a Pocket Notebook

by Ray Blake

February 2018

For all the many wonderful things they teach you at school, personal productivity is not usually part of the syllabus. And this is a pity because the process of planning and note taking with pen and paper is one of the most important life skills one can possess.

Despite the modern trend for form-based, fill-in-the-boxes planning, there is more power and flexibility in plain paper. But exactly how to use that freedom does not come intuitively.

I have collected and developed a few practices over the years that work well for me and might work very well for you too. You can see a few of them in a video series I made last year.  If this leaves you hungry for more there is a book at Amazon you can buy but just the videos should give you ideas and inspiration you can use right away.

Ray Blake makes his home on the Internet at My Life All In One Place, where he offers a metric ton of planner advice and free printable inserts for both ringed planners and traveler’s notebook style planners. He has also authored two books, Journalling School and The Pocket Notebook BookHe best describes his planner usage in his own words here.

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