Weekly Planning Episode 1

by Christina Davis

April 2018

This article first appeared on Time For Planning.

Weekly Planning for Week of March 26, 2018

Supplies Mentioned:

Frixion highlighters

Frixion Pen

double-sided tape

mini white out

Sharpie pen

Jump Bands

Post-It Notes

Poly Envelopes

Swingline Mini Stapler

Other Items Mentioned:

80-page grid  Tomeo River Paper Insert

TFP Book Club

Grocery App

Yearly Calendar Printables

Weekly Planning Checklist

  • Previous Week WrapUp: I spend a few minutes making sure all the tasks were completed for the previous week and making the decision is the unfinished tasks still need my attention.
  • Monthly View: My monthly view is on a 2-page layout with a monthly label, traditional monthly view calendar printable that is taped in, and then a perpetual calendar.
  • Goals and Projects: Project planning is a huge part of my planning. It consists of the projects and tasks for each project. It is also a way to track where I am in the process for each of the projects. Using project dashboards and sticky notes has been a successful process for me. An ongoing project is dealing with the things I have saved to Pinterest, Facebook, and email.
  • Next Action List: I was writing my next action list on a page in my project planning insert.  I have decided that it will work better to create the next action list on a movable notepad sheet and add it to the adjacent daily page, which brings it to the forefront of my mind because I will look it every single day.
  • Menu: I struggle with planning for grocery shopping and menus because I haven’t found a system that has made it more enjoyable (or at least tolerable) for me.  I do not go to the grocery store without a list…ever.  I am continuing to try new things until I find something that works for me.
  • Finances: I have a separate finances notebook that stays at home.  However, I do write down how much I spent in my planner next to the place of business on my errands list.
  • Zone Cleaning: I can’t speak enough about zone cleaning and how it’s changed my life.  It is truly a way to do my cleaning in bite-size pieces and it doesn’t require a tracker at all.
  • Time For Planning: These tasks are blog posts, videos, and social media that I need to do for the website.
  • At School: March 26, 2018, is the official first day of our toddler homeschool. Alex is almost 3 years old and beginning with a circle time routine.
  • Errands
  • Friday Study Group: Participating in this Friday Bible Study Group at my church takes a lot of preparation.  For example, doing my study questions throughout the week to be prepared for the discussion on Friday with the group.  It takes time to get Alex and me ready for the 2 1/2 hour group time.  Alex goes into a classroom with the other children while I meet with the adults.  It’s a great group to be involved in for both of us.
  • BSF Meeting: BSF International is a group of women that do Bible studies together.  Personally, I go to the evening meeting without Alex.
  • Church: Alex and I  go to the 9:30 am service at a non-denominational church.  She goes to her “Sunday classroom” while I attend the service in the sanctuary.
  • Reading: One of my big goals for 2018 is to read more.  I am making this a priority, so I add this to my weekly planning checklist to prompt me to plan what I am going to read for the week.  In the TFP Book Club, we are currently reading Battlefield Of The Mind by Joyce Meyer.

Time Blocking

Your task list is a simple list.  Thinking I need to do these things today.  I need to do this task at this time helps to overcome procrastination and distractions.  It’s a specific block of time that you schedule an appointment for specific tasks.

Time Blocking Routines

My current time blocks that I use to plan are before naptime, after naptime, evening, and late night when everyone is asleep.

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