What is the Plan for 2019?

by Katherine Shu

December 2018 

This article first appeared on Kat’s Life in Cali.

Hello All,

The last few months have been the time of year when most of the planner people start discussing or deciding what planner to use for the coming year. (Academic year and also Japanese Planner releases) For next year I am tempted to try Jibun Techo. Yet, before I commit to the bounded book planner, which I never be able to stick with a bounded planner for more then 3 months, I want to try the layout first to see if it really fits my need.

I just recently acquired this beautiful Fuchsia color classic croc pocket size planner and spent a weekend to have it set up just like (as close as I can) Jibun Techo.

Here are the steps I took!

  1. I downloaded the guide on how to use Jibun Techo on their official website and blog post from JetPen to get my planner setup.
    • It shows detail list of “Lists” or “Fields” included in the Jibun Techo.  Based on the guide, I followed and jazzed up the lists that fits my life style.  Some of the things just don’t apply to people outside of Japan, ie, Japan Map, Bus schedule and etc.
  2. Shopping/print/cut my inserts
  3. Wendaful free year at a glance printable
  4. Philofaxy yearly pull out
All those inserts comes in various sizes that can be set up in different size planners.  You do not have to purchase the inserts from PPCO.  Use what you have at home to set your planner up.  At first I have the whole setup using free printable.  Only after I saw the fund raising and decided to make some purchases to support and also use the layout I like.  At the end of the day, the Jibun Techo just provides me a guide/idea to setup my planner.    I am very happy with the result of my setup and plan to give it a run for the next few months to see if I like the layout or not.
I have also done a YouTube video to walk through my setup.  Enjoy!

You can find Kat at her website, on YouTube, and on Instagram.

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