Which Planner Style Are You?

By Christina Muller

February 2017

When working on The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Planner. I loved researching the different types of planners.  As I began gathering information I began seeing trends in aesthetics and style and placed them into groups. Here are some of the main planner styles in the planner community though not all-inclusive.

Traditional Planners

Often seen at Wal-mart, Target and office supplies stores, these traditional planners are a starting point in using a paper planner. Examples are Day Runner, At-A-Glance and Day-Timer.  The planners provide a simple but effective vertical or horizontal layout. Most of these provide a schedule and tasks with contacts however unique layouts usually are not available. People seeking a basic planner for events and tasks are usually content with a Traditional Planner.

Stylish and Productive

These are ring binders such as Filofax, Franklin Covey and Kikki.k with beautiful leather and leatherette options. These planners provide flexibility in the type, number and order of inserts. Besides the company website, inserts for these planners can be found also on Etsy. If you have time, creating your own inserts are an option as well. Also many of these planner binders can hold your wallet. The planner binder can be reused every year simply by adding new inserts. Many of these ring binders use daily layouts with plenty of room to record schedule, tasks and notes as well as weekly options available. People who prefer flexibility and customization will prefer these planners.

Clean and Minimalistic Planners

This style is comprised of Moleskine, Leuchtturm1917, Quo Vadis, Volt Planner, Bullet Journal and sometimes the traveler’s notebook. The layouts are often clean and uncluttered. Focus is on the writings and recordings of the user. Instead of washi people will often draw banners and dividers in their planners or use highlighters. This style of planner is best for the minimalist and those who love simplicity.

Decorative Planners

On the other end of the spectrum are Decorative Planners such as The Happy Planner, Heidi Swapp Memory Planner, Plum Paper Planner, and Erin Condren’s Life Planner. These planners are bright and colorful with design, washi, stickers or stamps. People who use these planners desire to be productive and creative at the same time. Also recording memories by adding pictures is another big draw for this style.

Elegant and Colorful

If the Clean & Minimalistic Planner and the Decorative Planner got married they would have Elegant & Colorful Planner babies. These are planners with clean design lines with vibrant colors. Examples are May Designs, Day Designer, Mochi Things, Purposeful Planner and the Intentional Planner. People could use only a pen to plan their week or add color with washi and planner stickers. It is the planner’s beautiful design that often draws people to these products.

Dreamer Planner

This is the planner for those who have big dreams, love working on their goals and planning for their future. They need a planner to help them on their journey such as the Passion Planner, Volt Planner and traveler’s notebooks. These planners allow plenty of room to plan for the future and journal your thoughts.

What style are you?

I found I fit into multiple planner styles depending on the purpose of the planner, because the planners’ purpose will dictate its style. My daily planner is an Elegant & Colorful Planner, my Planner mini-me is Simple & Minimalistic Planner and my devotional time is a Decorative Planner.  Which style best fits you or do you fit into more than one style?

In my ebook I go into further details about on layout, size, length, and binding options when searching for the right planner. You can find out more on The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Planner.

Christina is blessed by God to be married to Burt, mom to three (very) active kids, an Emergency Manager (disaster planning and response) by profession and lover of planners and being organized. She enjoys encouraging people to move from moments of being overwhelmed to living life fully on her blog through helpful tips, books and planner reviews. You can also find Christina on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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