Why I Make My Own Leather Traveler’s Notebooks and So Should You

by Samantha Page

December 2016

Making your own traveler’s notebook is a great project, for yourself or as a gift, which can be accomplished within 20 minutes. Looking at the original traveler’s notebook, you can see how simple the whole concept is and it can be easily replicated to your own style and size.

I have never bought a traveler’s notebook from anyone. I like to make my own and I have made several sizes, accustomed to my own needs. Please note that I am not bashing any sellers or creators out there. At the end of the day, the choice is yours on where you want to spend your money.

I want to give you some reasons as to why I make my own traveler’s notebook and so should you!

Leather options. This applies to so many characters of a leather: thickness, shininess, pre dyed, stiffness, antique or distressed look and so on . You have control over what type of leather you want to use.


Cost of leather and the project. It is cheaper to buy leather and cut it to size for your traveler’s notebook. The project can cost you anywhere from £4, up to £15, depending on what size leather you buy and, if you decide to dye it. I buy the majority of my leather pieces from leather4craft.com and ebay. I recommend shopping around on ebay if you are looking for veg tan leather. There are so many shops who are selling it and, you can find some really good deals. I absolutely love pocket size traveler’s notebook, so for me, each of the notebook coast about £4-£6 to make. I know there are those initial cost like a hole punch and elastic thread to buy. Again, buy it from ebay because they are so cheap! The hole punch is an one time spending that will allow you to make several notebooks in future. The one I bought from ebay is a 2mm hole punch that looks like this:


Make several size notebooks. You have the complete freedom on sizes, when you make your own traveler’s notebook and the best news is, it doesn’t have a massive effect on the price of the leather. I have made several size notebooks like pocket, A6, personal, large cahier, A5 and many more.

Experiment with colours. Surely you cannot resist the art of mixing colours and coming up with something totally different from others? Veg tan leather is a great canvas to show off your colour creation. I would suggest you to test the colour on a scrap piece of veg tan leather first, to be sure that you like it. Then go ahead and colour your traveler’s notebook! I usually buy my leather dye from Amazon. I have also recently experimented with acrylic paints and I am very happy with the result! Here is my video that shows you step by step on how to paint your Traveler’s Notebook!



It contains more value. I like the fact that I made something so beautiful that I want to use it. My handmade traveler’s notebook means more to me because I put all my hard work and effort into it. Your friends and family members will also appreciate it because it is handmade by YOU, other than a present bought from the shops. I can’t help feeling proud when someone ask me who made it and I say ‘by me.’ The surprise on their face confirms that I have made a good piece.

Hobby to perfection. After making a bunch of traveler’s notebook, I can say that I am confident at making a traveler’s notebook tailored to me need. May be in future I will play with stitches and pockets (bit nervous about those)!

So I hope I have given you some strong points as to why you should start making your own traveler’s notebook. Let the fun begin!

That is all folks! Thank you for stopping by and I bid you farewell.

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  • January 6, 2017 at 1:04 AM

    I might just have to try this, endless amounts of color and fabric options. The acrylic paint on your blue one turned out pretty!


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