Why Plan?

by Grace Bye

October 2016

I was in the car and hubby was driving and I was looking at the purple planner in my handbag, and I started to wonder why I would be a mess if I lost it. As I was thinking about many many reasons came to mind. It keeps my years, months, weeks and days organised- depending on inserts or layout we use. Some of us call our planner our external brain, that without it we would forget everything and some people need that due to health reasons some of us need that because we feel that if it isn’t written down it won’t happen.  Others of us find it a creative or artistic outlet, somewhere where they can create a world of colour, beauty and safety in a world that wants things done a certain way and no other way.

Some of us have used the experiences of the time of using a planner to create a business helping others to have all of the things they have in their planners. Creating beautiful leather, vegan or paper covers to suit every taste and inserts that gives everyone a place to put in their plans, to do lists, lists, receipts, journals (personal, spiritual, omi and many others) and the important information of their lives.  Some have taken time to create these items to give other these experience with no charge, the generosity of this community speaks to the people that are in it, this community is the sum of the members. 

Other people in this community have started challenges to help the members expand the people that take on the challenges, from reducing all the planners one person use to ONE book, finding gratitude in every day to show us how good our lives really are, to writing a scripture every day.

So why would I feel like such a mess if I lost my little purple planner, I think because while I would be sad that I would have to go and write everything out all over again as I bullet journal, I think it would be more that I was given the planner cover and given so much wisdom from this community that I write in it, but I write my life in it.  I have a health condition that makes my brain foggy and if I don’t write it down I would become anxious of what I have missed and I write my daily journal in it and that contains parts of my life that I like to look back on.

So to finish off this post I would like to ask you a few questions to ask yourself to help you understand the reasons you use a planner but also to help your setups as well.

  1. Why do I use paper and not electronics?
  2. How would you feel if you lost your planner?
  3. Why?
  4. Is there something you feel that is missing from your planner?
  5. What can you do about that?


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